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30AŽ Expands Partnership with Inked Brands

Bowling Green, KY., October 2, 2020 – 30A, a beach lifestyle brand from Santa Rosa, Florida, and Inked Brands, an influencer commerce company, announced a new partnership designed to dramatically expand 30A’s recycled apparel line and 30A-brand products division. “30A recycled apparel sales have grown beyond what we can fulfill locally

Bowling Green Chamber Partners with United Way of Southern Kentucky to Enhance Recovery

Bowling Green, KY., September 30, 2020 – The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Southern Kentucky announced a strategic collaboration to focus on both business and citizen recovery from the pandemic. The Chamber and United Way will coordinate the efforts of the Strategic Council and the recently formed Nonprofit Council, which

Bowling Green Awarded $500K for Construction of Prosperity Lane in Kentucky Transpark

Bowling Green, KY., August 31, 2020 – Bowling Green and Warren County are investing in infrastructure and economic growth through the construction of Prosperity Lane in the Kentucky Transpark. The new Prosperity Lane will be an extension of the existing Prosperity Drive, which was completed earlier in 2020. This project is necessary for the continued