Largest Employers

The companies we keep


South Central Kentucky’s leading industries are service and manufacturing. We’re proud of our manufacturing roots and it shows; companies like Logan Aluminum, Henkel AG & Co. (formerly Sun Products), Dart Container and Bowling Green Metalforming are giants in our community and respected leaders in their industries. 

The highest job growth rate out of all of Kentucky's economic regions since 2009 is a testament to our claim: Central for Business, Southern for Living. With a backbone of strong, diverse manufacturing companies at our core, a superior quality of life is made affordable. Take a look for yourself at some of the larger employers and big brands who have made South Central Kentucky a shining example of economic success.

Top 10 Largest Employers

  Company Employees
1 Houchens Industries 5,467
2 Med Center Health 3,566
3 Warren County Public Schools 2,565
4 Western Kentucky University  1,854
5 Dart Container Corporation 1,600
6 Logan Aluminum Inc. 1,345
7 Fruit of the Loom 1,310
8 Bowling Green Metalforming 1,251
9 T.J. Regional Health 1,114
10 GM Corvette Assembly Plant 1,100


Top 10 Largest Manufacturers

  Company Employees
1 Dart Container Corporation 1,600
2 Logan Aluminum Inc. 1,345
3 Bowling Green Metalforming 1,251
4 GM Corvette Assembly Plant 1,100
5 Henkel AG & Co. 930
6 Akebono Brake Glasgow 905
7 Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products 749
8 Franklin Precision Industry Inc. 662
9 Country Oven Bakery 645
10 Trace Die Cast Inc. 540