Metcalfe County

Humming with excitement

Nationally-known brands like Carhartt and Clorox make Metcalfe County hum with excitement. With four-lane access to I-65 via Kentucky’s Cumberland Parkway, the Metcalfe County seat in Edmonton is known for its bluegrass music festival and a refreshing quality of life. The state’s blueberry growers association is based here, where the Kentucky Headhunters’ Grammy-winning sound originated.

Metcalfe County’s 10,000 residents enjoy an unbeatably high quality of life at a modest pace and low cost, all with easy access to Louisville, Nashville and Bowling Green. Businesses considering expanding or locating in Metcalfe County are served by the professional resources provided by South Central Kentucky and the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.


Population2 9,909
Population Annual Average Growth2 -19
Median Age3 40.7
Under 18 Years 2,419
18 to 24 Years 836
25 to 34 Years 1,090
35 to 44 Years 1,298
45 to 54 Years 1,530
55 to 64 Years 1,282
65 to 74 Years 929
75 Years, and Over 715
Race:  White 9,774
Race:  Black or African American 154
Race:  American Indian and Alaska Native 14
Race: Asian 14
Race:  Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
Race:  Some Other Race 52
Race: Two or More Races 91
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 115
Armed Forces Labor Force4 3
Veterans, Age 18-644 329
Median Household Income3,4 $32,294
Poverty Level (of all people)4 2,158
Mean Commute Time (minutes)4 22.9
Commute via Public Transportation4
Union Membership5
Total Housing Units4 4,676
Median House Value (of owner-occupied units)3,4 $82,600
Homeowner Vacancy4 18
Rental Vacancy4 21
Renter-Occupied Housing Units4 897
Occupied Housing Units with No Vehicle Available4 260
No High School Diploma (educational attainment, age 25-64)4 904
High School Graduate (educational attainment, age 25-64)4 2,318
Some College, No Degree (educational attainment, age 25-64)4 987
Associate's Degree (educational attainment, age 25-64)4 317
Bachelor's Degree (educational attainment, age 25-64)4 361
Postgraduate Degree (educational attainment, age 25-64)4 265
Enrolled in Grade 124 49
Disabled, Age 18-644 1,209
Foreign Born4 82
Speak English Less Than Very Well (population 5 yrs and over)4 9

Source: JobsEQ® 03/2017  1. Census 2010, unless noted otherwise  2. Census 2015, annual average growth rate since 2005  3. Median values for certain aggregate regions (such as MSAs) may be estimated as the weighted averages of the median values from the composing counties.  4. ACS 2011-2015; Current Population Survey,, and Chmura.


Workforce Characteristics

  Metcalfe County Kentucky
Population 9,909 4,425,092
Labor Force 4,385 2,077,060
Unemployment Rate 4.1% 4.7%

 April 2017