ShopHQ to Expand Distribution and Call Center in Warren County

Published Friday, May 16, 2014 10:00 am

Value Vision Media, Inc., a multichannel electronic retailer operating as ShopHQ, today announced their intention to expand their distribution and call center currently located in Bowling Green, Ky.  Over the next three years, the project will bring a total capital investment of $25 million to the region, as well as create up to 150 new, full-time positions and up to 100+ new part-time positions.

Governor Beshear applauded the announcement saying, “I’m thrilled to celebrate ShopHQ’s expansion and the creation of these new jobs. Through our top-notch workforce and centralized location, ShopHQ has found great success in Bowling Green. I want to thank the company for its investment, and look forward to its impact on Kentucky families.”

The expansion project will begin immediately and include the addition of more than 300,000 SF and the installation of a new warehouse management system that will improve the ordering and shipping process, slated for completion in 2015.

 “We originally chose to establish our distribution and call center in Bowling Green because of its ideal location for logistics and the low cost of business that the region provides,” stated Keith Stewart, ShopHQ CEO. “But what has proved to be more valuable to ShopHQ and our success here is the support we receive from the community and leaders. We are happy to call South Central Kentucky home and look forward to continuing to grow and expand here.”

ShopHQ has a strong presence in the home shopping industry reaching over 86 million US homes. They are known for unique and exclusive brands and products within jewelry, watches, beauty, home, consumer electronics and more. Customers can watch and shop anytime, anywhere through the convenience of live television, internet, phone and mobile applications.

 “ShopHQ has always been a vital part of our community and we are grateful for the support and positions they provide for many residents here,’ stated Chamber Board Vice Chairman, Mark Iverson. “It is our hope that with this expansion, ShopHQ can continue to grow their business and experience further success. We were happy to be able to partner with the state, TVA and local officials to provide them with the assistance needed to make this project possible.”

ShopHQ’s distribution and call center has been located in Bowling Green, Warren County for more than a decade and has provided positions to over 350 South Central Kentucky residents.

 “Our existing industries are the foundation for economic growth in Bowling Green,” stated Mayor Bruce Wilkerson. “It’s because of their investment and success that we continue to see a boost in our economy despite the downward trends that many cities are facing. ShopHQ has played a huge role in our success in past years and we look forward to many more with them.”

“South Central Kentucky has a multitude of benefits to offer businesses looking to succeed,” said Judge Executive Michael Buchanon. “ShopHQ is a perfect illustration of how a company has taken our strategic location, low cost of business and qualified workforce and turned it into a successful business plan. But even more importantly, they are a shining example of a company investing in their region and helping the community around them flourish. We congratulate the company on their expansion and thank them for their support.”

This is the third economic development announcement in 2014 for the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce for a total capital investment of more than $177 million and the creation of nearly 250 jobs.


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