Published Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Bowling Green, KY., July 20, 2022 – Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel LP, a German fabricated metals manufacturer, celebrated the grand opening of its newly-completed expansion today. When the company originally announced Bowling Green as their new home in 2013 with an investment of $120M and 90 new jobs, the project earned them the number one spot in Kentucky for announcements by a new manufacturing operation. Shortly after that announcement in 2015, BILSTEIN announced its first expansion with an additional $20M of investment and 20 new jobs. In 2017, BILSTEIN began operations in the Kentucky Transpark and last year announced this additional $17.8M investment and expansion, signifying its continued commitment to this region.

“Since planting American roots in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2017, our vision and goal of contributing to the growth of the South-Central Kentucky region is ever more evident as we celebrate the grand opening of our state-of-the-art building expansion. This expansion will allow Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel to continue providing our customers the high-grade cold-rolled steel as we previously have been doing, only now, we are able to do so in a larger, faster capacity,” said Brent Wilson, CEO of Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel. “We are truly grateful for the ongoing support Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel has received from the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the Intermodal Transportation Authority board of directors on these projects that fuel economic growth.

Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel is part of The Bilstein Group, a family-owned German steel processor. It produces a wide range of high-precision, cold-rolled strip steel products across a variety of industries, predominately the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1911 and has grown to be a world leader in the cold-rolled strip steel market.

"We are thrilled to celebrate with Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel on its new facility expansion,” said Bowling Green Mayor, Todd Alcott. “We are grateful for and proud of the Bilstein team and humbled with their continued investment to expand their operations and make their products right here in Bowling Green, Kentucky.”


“Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel’s latest expansion serves as proof of South Central Kentucky’s multitude of opportunities for business expansion,” said Warren County Judge-Executive, Mike Buchanon. “We are thrilled to be here celebrating with them today.”


“The Kentucky Transpark is only as strong as the businesses that call it home. It’s companies like Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel that make the Transpark a premier location to locate and grow a business,” said Gary Dillard, Chairman of the Intermodal Transportation Authority.


“Warren County is a great place to do business and Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel is one more shining example of our strong business community,” said Ron Bunch, President and CEO of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce. “We are honored to stand alongside this company which has proven time and again its commitment to doing business in our great region.”


Year to date, the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce has closed three economic development projects in South Central Kentucky, totaling $2.019B in capital investment that will create 2,060 new jobs in the region. Bowling Green was also recently recognized for the ninth consecutive year as one of the Top 6 Tier 2 Metros in the United States by Site Selection Magazine. The Chamber has also been awarded the Mac Conway Award and recognized as a Top 20 Economic Development Organization in the Country for its second straight year.



About The Company

BILSTEIN GROUP is a family business rich in tradition that has specialized in the production of cold-rolled steel. Since its establishment in 1911 in Hagen, Germany, the company has ever been growing and increasing its production and has therefore established itself globally as a highly renowned producer of cold-rolled steel. BILSTEIN uses sophisticated manufacturing processes to produce high-performance cold-rolled steel strips with the greatest accuracy, leaving nothing to chance. In fact, our sophisticated, computer-controlled manufacturing systems produce miles of cold-rolled steel at a variety of BILSTEIN GROUP sites every single day.


The increasing exacting standard of quality on cold-rolled steel on the US market is both challenge and opportunity for the future for an aspiring enterprise like BILSTEIN. Being a global player on cold-rolled steel strip, BILSTEIN GROUP is a reliable partner to automotive suppliers in every part of the world. For more than 25 years the company has been delivering cold-rolled steel to North America.


Therefore, BILSTEIN GROUP has established a new production site in Bowling Green, Kentucky. With about 60,000 inhabitants Bowling Green is the third largest city in Kentucky and home to General Motors, Fruit of the Loom, and the production site of the legendary Chevrolet Corvette.


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About South Central Kentucky Economic Development
South Central Kentucky Economic Development is an entity of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, a nationally ranked 5-Star Accredited Chamber. Located at the center of a 34-state distribution area in the eastern United States, South Central Kentucky is a prime location for manufacturing and distribution facilities. South Central Kentucky is within a day’s drive of 60% of the nation's population, personal income, and manufacturing business establishments. Bowling Green ranks second in the United States for best manufacturing city. In the past decade, the region has captured over four billion in capital investment, creating thousands of jobs within the region. To learn more please visit